About Me

I'm Rafael Vieira, a passionate Product Leader and Gamification Strategist.

      Who Am I?
Hello! I’m Rafa, a multidisciplinary product leader based in Curitiba, Brazil. My career spans a diverse array of roles, each underscoring my adaptability and deep-seated expertise in product management and gamification.

SkillCore (COO): In my leadership role at SkillCore, I pioneered gamification initiatives, transforming the way businesses engage with digital strategies. I played a key role in developing and executing gamification solutions, enhancing engagement for employees and customers alike.

Emma – The Sleep Company (Head of Product - eCommerce): At Emma, I led the Fulfillment Product Group, steering my team to refine and optimize e-commerce order management processes. This role highlighted my ability to innovate and lead in the e-commerce space.

TUI (Head of Product - AO): My tenure at TUI involved leading digital product teams for the Accommodation Platform, achieving notable cost savings and significant e-commerce growth. It showcased my proficiency in product strategy, team management, and operational efficiency.

      Why Choose Me?
As a seasoned Product Leader with over 15 years in digital innovation and gamification, I bring a unique blend of strategic insight, creative problem-solving, and a proven track record of transforming ideas into successful digital products. My expertise lies in not just envisioning cutting-edge solutions but also in effectively bringing them to life

Proven Leadership in Product Development

With extensive experience in leading and building product teams, I ensure that every project is driven by a team that’s as passionate and committed as I am.

Strategic Gamification Expertise

My deep understanding of gamification allows me to create strategies that significantly enhance user engagement and satisfaction, setting your products apart in the digital marketplace.

Innovative & User-Centric Approach

I specialize in developing products that not only meet market demands but also resonate deeply with users, ensuring a perfect blend of innovation and user-centric design.

Global Perspective & Adaptability

Having worked across various industries and global markets, I bring a versatile and adaptable approach to product strategy, ensuring solutions are relevant, dynamic, and globally competitive.